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Into Curriculum

Research centering on the design, creation, and deployment of curriculum for K12 students has been a focus some years. In particular, Learnerati is interested in how these curricular development stages take advantage of ongoing developments in cognitive sciences, game theory, and socialization. More specifically, how do the final products create opportunities for learners to experience a variety of thinking modalities and degrees of expressive complexity.

Into Instruction

Research into instructional practices has mainly focused the establishment of effective learning environments as a product of teacher initiative. Focusing on how teachers use time, lesson planning, student activities, pedagogy, assessments (informal, formative, summative), and curriculum, Learnerati explores how some professionals are most consistent in developing self-directed and flexible thinking among students than other professionals operating in same circumstances.

Into Learning

Learnerati has long advocated that learning is a complicated and very personal experience with significant socialization factors. Our research regarding the act of learning itself focuses on how the learner receives, processes, and expresses their understanding of both new and old information. Context and experience are important elements in this process along with feedback systems that reinforce process. Currently, we are exploring the effects cognitive setting have on learning engagement.