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Classroom Observation

The basic classroom observation is a five day visit to your district or site to observe teachers during classes. Each observation session typically lasts about one-third of the class period, or 30 minutes for multi-subject classes.

Observation timeline

Observers are looking at a wide selection of items such as pedagogy, instructional strategies, lesson adaption to learner responses, levels of engagement, Bloom's Taxonomy and depth of knowledge in both questioning and lesson structure, among a number of other items.

All data is recorded in real-time and the various intersections between items can clearly be seen in the reports. For example, the levels of student engagement during grouped activities using graphic organizers could be compared to non-grouped activities under similar settings. The intent of having this type of detail is to encourage teachers to explore how their instructional styles, techniques, and lesson structure impact student engagement and subsequent affect learning.


Pricing for all classroom observations is based on the number of days plus additional charges for any associated travel

Tier 1: Single day
1,500 USD - includes report
Tier 2: Instructional Week
6,500 USD - includes report
Adjusting the number of days, observational focus, and modification in items of interests can be tailored to meet your needs. Under these circumstance, asking for a quote is your best option.

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