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About Learnerati

Learnerati is a research driven educational practices company dedicated to creating more effective learning experiences for all students. We focus on the development of intellectual fluidity among students through the innovative matching of learning objectives to instructional processes that promote student reasoning and contextual awareness.

Our work involves helping educators restructure their approach to not only instruction but educational management. We strongly believe that learning is a personal process that most effectively occurs when information, cognition, and self-directed goals coalesce within a contextual setting. Due to this belief and a mounting body of modern research into learning, Learnerati actively incorporates the ongoing collection of data from within classrooms as the formative part of a larger feedback process.

This concept is at the heart of Learnerati. After all, we are a community of learners helping other learners to teach even more learners effectively.

You can reach us by email here, or call 559-250-0669 to learn more.

A few past achievements

Direct Instruction Institute
2014: "Crash Course in Cognitive Rigor"
Arizona Association for Supervision and Curriculum Developers
2014: Keynote "Rigorous Instruction"
Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
2010-2011: Training in cognitive rigor and its applications to instruction.
What Exactly Do "Fewer, Clearer, and Higher Standards" Really Look Like in the Classroom? Using a Cognitive Rigor Matrix to Analyze Curriculum, Plan Lessons, and Implement Assessments
2009: Paper on Cognitive Rigor with Karin Hess and John Walkup
Cognitive Rigor: Blending the Strengths of Bloom's Taxonomy and Webb's Depth of Knowledge to Enhance Classroom-level Processes
2009: Paper on Cognitive Rigor with Karin Hess and John Walkup
End of Course parity studies in Maine
2009: Comparing in-year course assignments to end-of-course assessments in terms of alignment and rigor for districts.
Rigor & Alignment for Oklahoma
2009: State-wide curriculum and rigor study of 4000 teachers.
Congruence Function for Measuring the Extent of Coverage
2008: Paper with John Walkup
Modeling Achievement by Measuring the Enacted Instruction
2008: Paper with John Walkup
Rigor & Alignment for Nevada
2008: State-wide curriculum and rigor study of 3500 teachers.
South Carolina Department of Education
2006: Creation of 2500 content standards aligned math exemplars for state math coaches.
South Carolina Department of Education
2005: Alignment and thread mapping to state standards for five adopted series in mathematics.