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How well does the curriculum being used in classrooms reflect the goals and instructional plans of the district? Curriculum Audits take a detailed look into what foundational pieces students face in the classroom and how those match up against adopted standards, pacing and curriculum maps, and types of cognition like Bloom's Taxonomy and Depth-of-Knowledge. continue >>>

Classic Approach

The classic approach is a simple one-time collection of assignments given to students over the course of a school week. Teachers place representative samples of assignments students have completed during the week into a barcoded envelop. After the collection period has ended, all teacher envelops are returned to Learnerati. We then process the samples and generate a detailed report. This process can take as little as 30 days to turn around.

Monitoring Approach

The monitoring approach supports ongoing curriculum and instruction initiatives by providing feedback from periodic collections throughout the school year. Typically, two collections each semester are performed. This has a number of advantages over the classic approach. The most significant being the ability to extract trending analysis from the collections. Trends supply more context on how professional development and program adoption are taking root among teachers.

Capacity Building

The capacity builder approach has as its goal shifting from vendor centric services to locally controlled and managed services. This two year process starts out with Learnerati providing curriculum analysis training, managing collections, and partnering with the instructional leadership. In the second year, much of what Learnerati was doing for the client has been shifted back to the client. Learnerati will provide tools, technical support and services so the client can take complete ownership of their processes and further develop curricular practices which best fit the needs of learners.


Pricing for Curriculum Analysis comes in tiers and depends upon the number of teachers and services involved. All tiers come all-inclusive as priced with the exception of any associated travel expenses which is extra. Projects outside of the continental United States will incur addition shipping charges or may choose to work with our alternative format.
  • Tier 1: One-time study of 20 teachers
  • Tier 2: Monitor 20 teachers four times in a year
  • Tier 3: Train, monitor, followup 20 teachers during the year

For specific prices and customized projects, please contact us.